Pickled Cornichons

Pickled Cornichons

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I've got to share something that's been elevating my snack game – Olives Et Al's Pickled Cornichons in brine from Spain. These little flavour bombs are a delightful addition to my snacking repertoire, and I can't resist giving you the lowdown.

Straight from sunny Spain, these cornichons bring a burst of Mediterranean zest to your palate. The way they're pickled, it's like a harmonious tango of brine and vinegar that dances on your taste buds.

Sized just right, these bite-sized cornichons are perfect for adding that extra zing to your dishes. I love tossing them into salads for that extra crunch and tang, or simply enjoying them as a crisp, guilt-free snack. They're fresh, crisp, and utterly irresistible – I have to admit they disappear faster than I'd like to admit.

What truly sets these apart is the attention to detail. Olives Et Al takes their pickling seriously. Handpicked and crafted with love, each jar feels like a labour of love. The ingredients are straightforward – cornichons, water, vinegar, and salt, but the outcome is anything but ordinary.

There's a certain comfort in savouring these simple, timeless flavours. It makes me appreciate life's little joys, like relishing a jar of Olives Et Al Pickled Cornichons with friends or even in quiet solitude, contemplating life's simple pleasures, and savouring each bite. It's like a flavourful journey in every mouthful.

So, if you're in the mood for a snack that's authentically Mediterranean, and you appreciate the charm of uncomplicated but deeply satisfying food, give these cornichons a go. You might find yourself smitten, just like I did. These little wonders might be small, but the joy they bring is anything but. 🥒❤️

Size: 285g Jar (130g net drained weight)

Packaging: Glass jar and aluminium lid

Ingredients: Brine (Water, Salt), Cornichons 46%, Spirit Vinegar, Acidity Regulator: Acetic Acid; Flavour Enhancer E621