Our Story

Well what to say, so much!
This has been a lifelong journey, I didn't realise it at the time, it's kind of crept up on me and recently been given a label, which helps to identify myself a bit more, a 'zero waster'.
It's a bit of a silly title 'zero waste', as its totally unachievable unless you have a whole heap of time (who does these days), live on a plot of land that is a decent size (mine is a postage stamp) and have to be multi-talented in the skills pool (I'm not doing too bad on that front!). But the goals of 'zero waste' I completely identify with and it will be a continuing journey throughout my life. I intend to review my habits, purchases, and outlook to reduce my waste and have as little impact on the earth as much as I am able to. I’d like to help others to achieve the same, here lies the idea of The Simple Life Unwrapped.
I kicked off the journey with becoming vegetarian at the age of 12, that's thirty.....urh hmmm years, and I have made gradual changes that have had a positive impact on my life and the environment. Scraping back my life from the multi-tasking, high pressured, must have this and that lifestyle, to something simpler and more wholesome, I'm a work in progress!
So, why The Simple Life Unwrapped? Well I just couldn't shop the way I wanted. For me to find products which met my needs and my ethos I had to shop in multiple physical stores as well as online, this is so time consuming. Why wasn’t there a shop locally that had done all of this sourcing of great products for me?
I was made redundant in 2019, and thought I can take this two ways, I can continue in a sector that had me stressed, no work life balance and to be honest was starting to make me ill, or I could take that leap of doing something that I loved and have a positive impact on not only myself but others. It was a no brainer, I leaped!
The Simple Life Unwrapped was born.
We provide a range of foods (organic and vegan) that you can purchase in a quantity that suits your household consumption, so limiting your food waste, in your own containers. We also have a growing range of household and personal products that are either unpackaged, or packed in a more sustainable material that can be recycled, reused or composted.
All the products meet my ethos, giving us the opportunity and privilege to have as little impact on the earth as we can through the products we consume.
Vegetarian or vegan
Ethically sourced
Made by artisan craftsmen in small batches
Made in Britain
Plastic free
Low tox