Pantry List

We have a fully stocked refill pantry that will meet all your cooking needs. Bring your containers in store and you can refill them with the exact quantity you need. Great for when you are trying out a new recipe, saving money, buying in bulk and helping the planet.

Don't forget we offer a drop off and collect shopping service, see here for details.

Please see below for our products.


Bran Flakes - Malted (Organic)


Honey Toasted Oat & Rice Crisp Clusters

Jumbo Oats

Porridge Oats (Gluten Free & Organic)



Baking Powder

Bicarbonate of Soda



Caster Sugar

Demerara Sugar

Granulated Sugar

Icing Sugar

Light Brown Soft Sugar

Muscovado Sugar – Dark

Muscovado Sugar – Light

Panko Breadcrumbs

Plain White Flour (Organic)

Self-Raising Flour (Organic)

Strong White Bread Flour (Organic)

Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour (Organic)

Dried Fruit

Apricots – Whole & Un-Sulphured

Banana Chips (Organic)

Coconut – Desiccated


Currants (Organic)

Ginger - Crystallised

Mango Slices (Organic)

Mixed Fruit

Mixed Peel

Pineapple – Diced

Pitted Dates – Whole

Pitted Prunes – Whole

Raisins (Organic)

Red Glace Cherries

Sultanas (Organic)

Sun Dried Tomatoes – Halve (Organic)


Almonds – Blanched (Organic)

Almonds - with Skins

Almonds – Flaked (Organic)

Almonds – Ground (Organic)

Brazil Nuts – Whole (Organic)

Cashew Nuts – Whole (Organic)

Hazelnuts – Whole (Organic)

Peanuts – Whole Blanched

Pecan – Halves

Pistachio Nuts – Whole Shelled

Walnut – Halves (Organic)

Rice & Quinoa

Arborio – White (Organic)

Basmati – Brown (Organic)

Basmati – White (Organic)

Couscous (Organic)

Couscous - Giant

Millet - Hulled (Organic)

Pearl Barley

Polenta (Organic)

Pudding Rice


Pulses & Lentils

Butter Beans (Organic)

Chickpeas (Organic)

Lentils – Brown (Organic)

Lentils – Green (Organic)

Lentils – Split Red (Organic)

Red Kidney Beans (Organic)

Soup Mix (Organic)

Soya Beans (Organic)

Split Peas - Green


Blue Poppy Seeds

Chia (Organic)

Linseed -Golden (Organic)

Nigella (Black onion)

Pine Nuts

Pumpkin (Organic)

Sesame (Organic)

Sunflower (Organic)



Fusilli – Corn (Organic and Gluten Free)

Fusilli – White (Organic)

Fusilli – Wholewheat (Organic)



Penne – White (Organic)

Penne – Wholewheat (Organic)

Spaghetti – White

Veggie & Vegan Alternatives

Nutritional Yeast

TVP Chunks

TVP Chunks

Veggie Gravy Granules

Herbs & Spices

Allspice – Ground


Basil (Organic)

Bay leaves

Bouillon Vegetable Stock

Cajun Spice

Caraway Seeds (Organic)

Cardamom – Ground

Cayenne Pepper (Organic)

Celery Salt

Celery Seeds

Chilli - Flakes

Chilli – Powder

Chilli – Whole

Chinese Five Spice

Cinnamon – Ground

Cinnamon – Quills

Cloves – Whole

Coriander – Ground (Organic)

Coriander – Seed

Cumin – Ground

Cumin – Seed

Curry Leaves

Curry Powder – Medium

Fajita Seasoning

Fennel – Seed

Fenugreek – Seed

Garam Masala

Garlic Powder

Ginger – Ground

Herbs de Provence (Organic)

Mace - Ground


Mint (Organic)

Mixed Herbs

Mixed Spice

Mulled Wine Spice

Mustard Powder - Yellow

Mustard Seeds – Yellow (Organic)

Nutmeg – Ground

Onion Salt



Paprika – Noble Sweet

Paprika – Smoked


Peppercorns – Black

Peppercorns – Pink

Pickling Spice

Pumpkin Spice



Sea Salt – Coarse (Organic)

Sumac – Ground


Thyme (Organic)


Vanilla Pods (Organic)

Snacks & Chocolate

Big Vegan Marshmallows

Bombay Mix

Cacao Powder (Organic)

Carob Peanuts

Carob Raisins

Clipper Instant Hot Chocolate (Fairtrade)

Cocoa Powder (Organic)

Dark Chocolate Almonds (Organic and Vegan)

Dark Chocolate Buttons (Organic and Vegan)

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Dark Chocolate Ginger

Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Bits

Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Mini Vegan Marshmallows

Popping Corn

Yoghurt Peanuts

Yoghurt Raisins

Tea & Coffee

Chamomile Tea (Organic)

Brew Teas –

Co2 Ceylon Decaffeinated

Earl Grey

English Breakfast


Lemon and Ginger

Moroccan Mint

Hundred House Coffee –



Oils & Vinegars

Balsamic Vinegar (Organic)

Cider Vinegar (Organic)

Honest Toil Extra Olive Virgin Oil

Sunflower Oil (Organic)


Cleaning Refills by Fill Refill

All Purpose

Cleaning Bicarbonate of Soda

Cleaning Citric Acid

Cleaning Vinegar

Fabric Conditioner

Hand Gel

Hand Soap

Laundry liquid

Toilet Cleaner

Washing-up Liquid

Personal Refills by Alter/native

Bodywash – Pink Grapefruit

Bodywash – Lavender and Geranium

Conditioner – Clear and Simple

Conditioner – Coconut and Argan Oil

Shampoo – Clear and Simple

Shampoo – Coconut and Argan Oil